Why Register?

In order to fully utilize our site, you must register. Some of the benefits are that you can:

  • Have access to our downloads (ISIS, SDfiles, and products catalogs)
  • Be notified of new products released from R&D
  • Save notes in your account for products you are interested in
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Does FSI share personal information?

FSI does not share or sell the information you provide to register on our site. FSI also limits the number of emails sent to you:

  • Initial welcome email with registration password
  • Initial quarterly newsletter (you may opt-out after the first one)
  • Site Administrative emails - very rarely if ever.

    How to change password?

    To change your password, login with the old password then click on the YOUR ACCOUNT link in the menu. Click EDIT YOUR INFORMATION. On this form you can then change your account details and/or enter in a new password as needed.

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