Where do I find MSDS information?

Search for the particular product or compound on our site. Once found, view the details (where the pricing and quantities are shown). The MSDS information link will email FSI with the catalog # of the item you're interested in. We will reply with an MSDS in PDF format shortly.

How to find out the chemical name without CAS, catalog or MFCD no.

Do you have a structure or any other information? With a structure, you can download our ISIS-SDfiles and perform a structure search using ISISbase or similar chemical database program. If not in our main catalog items, forward us the structure to see if it might be in our custom catalog.

How to find a porphyrin with Tin? What is the product# for tin protoporphyrin?

On the advanced search page you can choose a category and than enter a partial formula to narrow to certain items. In this case, a search for Porphyrins, with Sn as the formula would return all porphyrins with Tin in the formula. It is Sn749-9.

Do you supply iron protoporphyrin IX (HEMIN)?

FSI provides (iron) ferriprotoporphyrin IX (HEMIN) as catalog # H651-9. It's available in various catalog sizes and other higher amounts can be quoted at bulk rates.

Do you sell bilirubin and biliverdin? I am looking for purified bilirubin and biliverdin.

SI does have bilirubin and biliverdin, catalog #'s B584-9 and B655-9.

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