Stille Coupling Publications

The following is a compilation of recent publications dealing with Stille coupling.  This list will be updated regularly.

Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of resin-bound chlorotriazines.
Chang, Young-Tae; Bork, Jacqueline T.; Lee, Jae Wook
Tetrahedron Letters    VOL. 44    NO. 32   2003/Aug 4 2003    PP. 6141-6144

Synthetic access to 2-amido-5-aryl-8-methoxy-triazolopyridine and 2-amido-5-morpholino-8-methoxy-triazolopyridine derivatives as potential inhibitors of the adenosine receptor subtypes
Nettekoven, Matthias; Pullmann, Bernd; Schmitt, Sebastien
Synthesis    VOL. 11   2003    PP. 1649-1652

Synthesis of 3''-Substituted TSAO Derivatives with Anti-HIV-1 and Anti-HIV-2 Activity through an Efficient Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Approach
Lobaton, Esther; Rodriguez-Barrios, Fatima; Gago, Federico; Perez-Perez, Maria-Jesus; De Clercq, Erik; Balzarini, Jan; Camarasa, Maria-Jose; Velazquez, Sonsoles
J. Med. Chem.    VOL. 45    NO. 18   (2002)    PP. 3934-3945

New synthetic route to granulatimide and its structural analogues
Yoshida, Takuji; Nishiyachi, Masakazu; Nakashima, Nobuyuki; Murase, Masayuki; Kotani, Eiichi
Chem. Pharm. Bull.    VOL. 50    NO. 6    (2002)    PP. 872-876

Synthesis of 3-Ý(2S)-azetidin-2-ylmethoxy¨-5-Ý11C¨-methylpyridine, an analogue of A-85380, via a Stille coupling
Karimi, Farhad; Langstrom, Bengt
J. Labelled Compd. Radiopharm.   VOL. 45    NO. 5    (2002)    PP. 423-434

Multi-functionalized 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridines
Heller, Marcel; Schubert, Ulrich S
Synlett    NO. 5   (2002)    PP. 751-754

Stereospecific preparation of (Z)-.alpha.-fluorostilbenes via a kinetically controlled palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of high E/Z ratio 1-bromo-1-fluorostyrenes and aryl stannanes
Xu, Jianjun; Burton, Donald J.
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 43    NO. 15    (2002)    PP. 2877-2879

Total Synthesis of Gambierol
Fuwa, Haruhiko; Sasaki, Makoto; Satake, Masayuki; Tachibana, Kazuo
Org. Lett.    VOL. 4   NO. 17    (2002)    PP. 2981-2984

Design and development of practical syntheses of MRSA carbapenems
Grabowski, Edward J. J.
ACS Symp. Ser.    VOL. 817    NO. >From Bench to Pilot Plant    (2002)    PP. 15-29

Synthesis of unsymmetric diynes by palladium and cesium fluoride catalyzed coupling of terminal bromoalkynes with alkynylstannane
Abele, Edgars; Rubina, Kira; Fleisher, Mendel; Popelis, Juris; Arsenyan, Pavel; Lukevics, Edmunds
Appl. Organomet. Chem.    VOL. 16    NO. 3    (2002)    PP. 141-147

Palladium-assisted substitution of 3-benzoÝb¨furan triflates
Morice, Christophe; Garrido, Fabrice; Mann, Andre; Suffert, Jean
Synlett    NO. 3   (2002)    PP. 501-503

Callipeltoside A: assignment of absolute and relative configuration by total synthesis
Trost, Barry M.; Dirat, Olivier; Gunzner, Janet L.
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.    VOL. 41    NO. 5    (2002)    PP. 841-843

Synthesis of Symmetrical Carotenoids by a Two-Fold Stille Reaction
Vaz, Belen; Alvarez, Rosana; de Lera, Angel R. 
J. Org. Chem.    VOL. 67    NO. 14    (2002)    PP. 5040-5043

Preparation of biphenylcarboxamidoisoindoline derivatives as apolipoprotein B secretion inhibitors
Yamada, Harutami; Ando, Akira; Kawanishi, Hiroyuki; Nagata, Koichi; Yasuhara, Mikiko
2002-02-21   149 page(s)    PATENT NUMBER- 02 14277    PATENT APPLICATION NUMBER- 2001-6844/JP-A1

Synthetic Studies toward SNF4435 C and SNF4435 D
Beaudry, Christopher M.; Trauner, Dirk
Org. Lett.    VOL. 4   NO. 13    (2002)    PP. 2221-2224

Novel palladium-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2-dihydro-4(3H)-carbazolones
Scott, Tricia L.; Soderberg, Bjorn C. G
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 43    NO. 9    (2002)    PP. 1621-1624 

Polyethylene glycol as support and phase transfer catalyst in aqueous palladium-catalyzed liquid-phase synthesis
Xia, Min; Wang, Yan Guang
Chin. Chem. Lett.    VOL. 12    NO. 11    (2001)    PP. 941-942

Stille Couplings Catalytic in Tin: A "Sn-F" Approach
Maleczka, Robert E., Jr.; Gallagher, William P.
Org. Lett.    VOL. 3    NO. 26    (2001)    PP. 4173-4176

Total Syntheses of .beta.-Carboline Alkaloids, (R)-(-)-Pyridindolol K1, (R)-(-)-Pyridindolol K2, and (R)-(-)-Pyridindolol
Kanekiyo, Naoko; Kuwada, Takeshi; Choshi, Tominari; Nobuhiro, Junko; Hibino, Satoshi   
J. Org. Chem.    VOL. 66    NO. 26    (2001)    PP. 8793-8798

Stille Coupling Reactions of 4-Substituted 2,5-Diphenyloxazoles
Clapham, Bruce; Sutherland, Andrew J.
J. Org. Chem.    VOL. 66    NO. 26    (2001)  PP. 9033-9037

Synthetic studies on apoptolidin: synthesis of the C1-C21 macrolide fragment
Toshima, Kazunobu; Arita, Tsuyoshi; Kato, Koji; Tanaka, Daisuke; Matsumura, Shuichi
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 42    NO. 50    (2001)    PP. 8873-8876

Electrocyclic ring closure of the enols of vinyl quinones. A 2H-chromene synthesis
Parker, Kathlyn A.; Mindt, Thomas L.
Org. Lett.    VOL. 3    NO. 24    (2001)    PP. 3875-3878

Synthesis of naphthopyrroloÝ3,4-c¨carbazoles
Routier, S.; Coudert, G.; Merour, J.-Y.
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 42    NO. 40    (2001)    PP. 7025-7028  


Total Synthesis of (+)-Crocacin C
Dias, Luiz C.; de Oliveira, Luciana G.
Org. Lett.    VOL. 3    NO. 24    (2001)    PP. 3951-3954

Enantioselective total synthesis of the cyclophilin-binding immunosuppressive agent sanglifehrin A
Duan, Maosheng; Paquette, Leo A.
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.    VOL. 40    NO. 19    (2001)    PP. 3632-3636

Total Synthesis of Bafilomycin A1 Relying on Iterative 1,2-Induction in Acyclic Precursors
Hanessian, Stephen; Ma, Jianguo; Wang, Wengui
J. Am. Chem. Soc.    VOL. 123    NO. 42    (2001)    PP. 10200-10206

Total synthesis of (+)-phorboxazole A exploiting the Petasis-Ferrier rearrangement
Smith, Amos B., III; Minbiole, Kevin P.; Verhoest, Patrick R.; Schelhaas, Michael   
J. Am. Chem. Soc.    VOL. 123    NO. 44    (2001)    PP. 10942-10953

Stille Cross-Coupling Reaction of an .alpha.-Stannyl Enamide
Miniere, Stephanie; Cintrat, Jean-Christophe
J. Org. Chem.    VOL. 66  NO. 22  (2001)  PP. 7385-7388

IMDA reaction in a synthetic approach towards a natural kijamicin aglycon analog
Betzer, Jean-Francois; Ardisson, Janick; Pancrazi, Ange
C. R. Acad. Sci., Ser. IIc: Chim.  VOL. 4   NO. 8-9  (2001)  PP. 695-704

The fate of bis(.eta.3-allyl)palladium complexes in the presence of aldehydes (or imines) and allylic chlorides: Stille coupling versus allylation of aldehydes (or imines)
Nakamura, Hiroyuki; Bao, Ming; Yamamoto, Yoshinori
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.    VOL. 40    NO. 17    (2001)    PP. 3208-3210

Solid-phase synthesis of 2,6,8-trisubstituted purines
Brill, W. K.-D.; Riva-Toniolo, C.
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 42    NO. 37    (2001)    PP. 6515-6518

Total synthesis of dermostatin A
Sinz, Christopher J.; Rychnovsky, Scott D.   
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.    VOL. 40    NO. 17    (2001)    PP. 3224-3227

Use of the Extended One-Pot (EOP) Procedure for the Preparation of Ethynylated Thiophene Derivatives and Related Palladium-Ethynylthiophene Organometallic Oligomers
Altamura, Patrizia; Giardina, Giorgio; Lo Sterzo, Claudio; Russo, Maria Vittoria
Organometallics    VOL. 20    NO. 21    (2001)    PP. 4360-4368

Regioselective palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions in the synthesis of novel 2,3-disubstituted thiophene derivatives
Pereira, R.; Iglesias, B.; de Lera, A. R.   
Tetrahedron    VOL. 57   NO. 37    (2001)    PP. 7871-7881

A direct and useful route to difluoroacylsilanes and difluoroacylstannanes and their potential for the generation of structurally diverse difluoroketones
Garayt, M. R.; Percy, J. M.
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 42    NO. 36    (2001)    PP. 6377-6380

A short intramolecular Diels-Alder route to himbacine derivatives
Hofman, Sven; Gao, Ling-Jie; Van Dingenen, Hilde; Hosten, Noel G. C.; Van Haver, Dirk; De Clercq, Pierre J.; Milanesio, Marco; Viterbo, Davide
Eur. J. Org. Chem.   NO. 15   (2001)   PP. 2851-2860

Unusually Accelerated Silylmethyl Transfer from Tin in Stille Coupling: Implication of Coordination-Driven Transmetalation
Itami, Kenichiro; Kamei, Toshiyuki; Yoshida, Jun-ichi
J. Am. Chem. Soc.   VOL. 123   NO. 36   (2001)   PP. 8773-8779

A water soluble, recyclable organostannatrane
Han, Xiaojun; Hartmann, Gregory A.; Brazzale, Antony; Gaston, Rick D.
Tetrahedron Lett.   VOL. 42   NO. 34   (2001)   PP. 5837-5839

Acetylenic silyl ketone as polysynthetic equivalent of useful building blocks in organic synthesis
Capperucci, A.; Degl'Innocenti, A.; Dondoli, P.; Nocentini, T.; Reginato, G.; Ricci, A
Tetrahedron   VOL. 57  NO. 29   (2001)   PP. 6267-6276

Solution-Phase Synthesis of an Aminomethyl-Substituted Biaryl Library via Sequential Amine N-Alkylation and Suzuki Cross-Coupling
Organ, Michael G.; Arvanitis, Elena A.; Dixon, Craig E.; Lavorato, David J.
J. Comb. Chem.   VOL. 3   NO. 5   (2001)   PP. 473-476

Generating Diversity in Difluoromethyl Ketone Derivatives/font>
DeBoos, Gareth A.; Fullbrook, Jeremy J.; Percy, Jonathan M.
Org. Lett.   VOL. 3  NO. 18   (2001)   PP. 2859-2861

Palladium-catalyzed insertion reactions of trimethylsilyldiazomethane
Greenman, K. L.; Carter, D. S.; Van Vranken, D. L.
Tetrahedron   VOL. 57  NO. 24   (2001)   PP. 5219-5225

Straightforward access to methyl-polyheterocycles from direct para-lithiation of 3-picoline
Mathieu, J.; Gros, P.; Fort, Y.
Tetrahedron Lett.   VOL. 42   NO. 10   (2001)   PP. 1879-1881


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