Combinatorial Methods Publications

A Combinatorial Scaffold Approach toward Kinase-Directed Heterocycle Libraries
Ding, Sheng; Gray, Nathanael S.; Wu, Xu; Ding, Qiang; Schultz, Peter G.
J. Am. Chem. Soc.    VOL. 124    NO. 8    (2002)    PP. 1594-1596

Preparation of new clavulone and epiclavulone analogs by solid-phase parallel synthesis on dihydropyranyl-containing resin
Takahashi, Takashi; Kitade, Makoto
Jpn. Kokai Tokkyo Koho    2002-09-18    PP. 10 pp.

Solid-phase synthesis of acyl biarylsulfonamides
Xiong, Yusheng; Klopp, John; Chapman, Kevin T. 
Tetrahedron Lett.    VOL. 42    NO. 48    (2001)    PP. 8423-8427

Preparation of enantiopure 4-arylmandelic acids via a Pd/C-catalysed Suzuki coupling of enantiopure 4-bromomandelic acid
Dyer, U. C.; Shapland, P. D.; Tiffin, P. D.
Tetrahedron Lett.   VOL. 42   NO. 9   (2001)   PP. 1765-1767

The synthesis of potentially selective inhibitors of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase. The utilization of chemoselective Suzuki cross-coupling reactions in a parallel synthesis
Sutton, A. E.; Clardy, J. 
Tetrahedron Lett.   VOL. 42   NO. 4   (2001)   PP. 547-551

Solid Phase Extraction Purification of Carboxylic Acid Products from 96-Well Format Solution Phase Synthesis with DOWEX Formate Anion Exchange Resin
Bookser, Brett C.; Zhu, Shirong
J. Comb. Chem.   VOL. 3   NO. 2   (2001)   PP. 205-215

Solution phase synthesis of libraries of variably substituted olefin scaffolds: A library of allylic amines
Organ, Michael G.; Mayhew, Darrin; Cooper, Jeremy T.; Dixon, Craig E.; Lavorato, David J.; Kaldor, Stephen W.; Siegel, Miles G.
J. Comb. Chem.   VOL. 3   NO. 1   (2001)   PP. 64-67

Estrogen pyrazoles: Defining the pyrazole core structure and the orientation of substituents in the ligand binding pocket of the estrogen receptor
Stauffer, S. R.; Huang, Y.; Coletta, C. J.; Tedesco, R.; Katzenellenbogen, J. A.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry   VOL. 9/1 (141-150)   (2001)

Carbon-carbon bond-forming solid-phase reactions. Part II
Kurth, Mark J.; Sammelson, Robert E.
Chem. Rev.   VOL. 101   NO. 1   2001/Jan   PP. p 137-202

The Suzuki , the Heck, and the Stille reaction; three versatile methods for the introduction of new C-C bonds on solid support
Franzen, Robert
Can. J. Chem.   VOL. 78   NO. 7   (2000)   PP. 957-962

High throughput screening for catalyst design and optimization
Collard, Simon
Spec. Publ. - R. Soc. Chem.   VOL. 250   VOLUME TITLE- Automated Synthetic Methods for Speciality Chemicals   (2000)   PP. 55-68

Resin-to-Resin Suzuki Coupling of Solid Supported Arylboronic Acids
Gravel, Michel; Berube, Christian D.; Hall, Dennis G. 
J. Comb. Chem.   VOL. 2   NO. 3   (2000)   PP. 228-231

Functionalized carbosilane dendritic species as soluble supports in organic synthesis
Hovestad, N. J.; Ford, A.; Jastrzebski, T. B. H. J.; Van, Koten G.
Journal of Organic Chemistry   VOL. 65/20 (6338-6344)   06 OCT 2000

Convergent Solution-Phase Combinatorial Synthesis with Multiplication of Diversity through Rigid Biaryl and Diarylacetylene Couplings
Boger, Dale L.; Jiang, Weiqin; Goldberg, Joel 
J. Org. Chem.   VOL. 64   NO. 19   (1999)   PP. 7094-7100

Exploring the Scope of Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) as a Soluble Polymer Matrix for the Stille Cross-Coupling Reaction
Sieber, Frank; Wentworth, Paul, Jr.; Janda, Kim D.
J. Comb. Chem.   VOL. 1   NO. 6   (1999)   PP. 540-546

Parallel Synthesis of Prostaglandin E1 Analogues
Dragoli, Dean R.; Thompson, Lorin A.; O'Brien, John; Ellman, Jonathan A.
J. Comb. Chem.   VOL. 1   NO. 6   (1999)   PP. 534-539

Solid-phase synthesis of macrocyclic systems by a cyclorelease strategy: application of the Stille coupling to a synthesis of (S)-zearalenone
Nicolaou, K. C.; Winssinger, Nicolas; Pastor, Joaquin; Murphy, Fiona
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.   VOL. 37   NO. 18   (1998)   PP. 2534-2537

Total synthesis of epothilone E and analogs with modified side chains through the Stille coupling reaction
Nicolaou, K. C.; He, Yun; Roschangar, Frank; King, N. Paul; Vourloumis, Dionisios; Li, Tianhu
Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.   VOL. 37   NO. 1/2   (1998)   PP. 84-87


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